Saturday, December 5, 2015

Ever wonder where to find latte art? Red Door Coffee Roasters in Everett is one option.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Buy You a Coffee? Why Coffee Shops are Great Spots for a Date

Tired of spending money on dinner and a movie? Coffee drinkers share why coffeeshops make great places for a date. They are casual, cozy and inexpensive. You can also learn a lot about someone based off their preferences in coffee.

The Hewitt Run

Everett's Hewitt run is a well known bar crawl starting from one end of Hewitt Ave and moving down the next. This bar crawl is a typical event for 21st birthdays and just regular nights out with good friends.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Changing Season, Changing Flavors

The changing season brings new flavors for coffee drinkers, which has caused quite the hype.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Brews Almighty: Everett's Hidden Gem

The bar scene isn’t for everyone. Some people find your typical bar to be too loud and crowed to really enjoy your night out. If you are one of those people and you like beer over liquor Brews Almighty in Everett is the place for you.

Located in downtown Everett on 3011 Grand Ave, Brews Almighty, is a small family owned and operated Beer Shoppe. With a focus on draught beer and cider you can come in and enjoy a glass, bring your own growler to fill or order a keg to go. The offer 16 different beers and ciders on tap.
Brews Almighty has a list of all the current beers and ciders on tap on their website. You can get a head start on your night with a quick visit to the site. 

William Utley says that he always plans what he is going to drink before getting to the Beer Shoppe with a quick search online. “Not only do they have a list of the different beers on tap but each also has a description so you can find the specific flavor you are looking for.”

When looking at the tap list online, you will probably see some things you have never heard of before. The Great Divide Whitewater Wheat Ale is served on tap with citrus flavors and floral notes. If you are looking for something a little more “warm”, then  the High Water Campfire Stout might be more your style. It has notes of chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker.

A customer at Brews Almighty, Destiny Alinder, says she prefers to get drinks there because the atmosphere is calmer than a typical bar. “I like going there because it’s quite and you can actually hear what the person sitting next to you is saying without having to yell it directly in their ear.”
Alinder continues to say that she also enjoys the variety of different types of beer and ciders they have on tap. She says going into Brews Almighty without knowing what you are looking to drink isn’t problem. The person at the counter almost always finds her the perfect drink with just a few questions about the kind of taste she is looking for.

The Beer Shoppe is a quiet intimate setting compared to the bars around town. There are tables set up and board games located near the door that you can pull out and play with your friends. There are also TV’s that are typically playing some sort of sports game.

The Beer Shoppe doesn’t serve food-to-go with your drink but customers say that bringing your own food to enjoy is more than welcome.

Brews Almighty is perfect for the person who wants to go out and enjoy time with their friends. The atmosphere gives the added bonus of avoiding the loud, sometimes overwhelming bar scene. It is also the perfect place to start and plan your night before you hit the town.

The owners of Brews Almighty did not respond when reached out to for an interview.